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Pics from January 18

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This is where you can upload evidence of what you know and what you are learning in Ed 214.

Things to do, January 7, 2013

1. Join wikispaces.com if you have not already done so (if you have been in a class with Tobie or Carolyn, you probably have a wikispace account already). Your wiki page may invite you to join the wiki once you have logged in your wikispaces account. Ask to join. If it doesn't ask you, please send your wikispaces account name to Carolyn so she can invite you (cosborn2@capital.edu)
2. Read the notes on this page about how to do things on this wiki
3. Not sure what a wiki is? Look at this explanation:
4. Feel free to personalize your portfolio page in any way you like. Be sure to hit the "Save" button when you have finished.
5. Spend 20 minutes checking out the Literacy Methods wiki (http://literacymethods.wikispaces.com/). This is your textbook. Free is good! What would you like to learn this semester? Email Tobie and Carolyn with things on the Literacy Methods wiki that sound interesting to you.



Some other things you can do

Here are some ways to customize your page.

Change your page's name

Your name appears on the left, in the form that was on the roster. You can change the name by going to your page and looking at the upper right hand corner. Look where it says "Edit" and then over to the right, to the button that says "..." Select that button. You will see the rename option there. Be sure you choose a name that is different from that of your colleagues. You might include a middle and/or last initial along with whatever first name you want to use.

Upload files

You can upload pictures, documents, etc. Be sure that you give your files unique names. If you try to upload a picture that is named "Image" and someone else uses the same name, your files will get mixed up. So, put your own name in your files' names.

Embed videos

You can embed Youtube videos. Select the widget button on the Edit bar. In the left hand column of the box that appears is an option for video. Select that and then select "Youtube." In a separate tab, go to the Youtube video and select "Share." Copy the "Embed" code (which is in html format, so it is a couple of lines long, not simply a url. Paste it in the wikispace Youtube place. Then save your page and you will see your video!

Embed a prezi

Go to the prezi and select share. Find the "Embed" option and copy the code. Go to the "Widget" button on the Edit bar of your wikispace page. Select "Other HTML" from the box that appears and paste the embed code there. Save your page and your prezi will appear.

Page Links (for those using tablets)

  1. Alexandra M.
  2. Alyssa S.
  3. Anne B.
  4. Carly M.
  5. Chelsea C.
  6. Chelsie B.
  7. Christina H.
  8. Gretchen W.
  9. Jacob S.
  10. Jacqueline S.
  11. Julia C.
  12. Kara B.
  13. Kayla F.
  14. Kayleigh W.
  15. Kimberly M.
  16. Lauren O.
  17. Lexis F.
  18. Megan C.
  19. Megan H.
  20. Moriah M.
  21. Olivia C.
  22. Olivia H.
  23. Rachel J.
  24. Rozalyn W.
  25. Taylor H.